Thursday, August 11, 2011

Loi Baptized?! Father Time, slow down!!!

Where did the time go??? My nephew Loimata was baptized and became a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Being born and raised in a LDS church this is a ritual that occurs when you are 8 years old. It's no surprise to me that Loi was baptized because he loves the Gospel. What surprises me is how quickly he went from a baby that fit in my arms to a handsome young boy who will be approaching puberty in a few years. Oh how I wish I could turn back the hands of time maybe 4 years back. Why?? Why would I do that? I guess the image of Loi as a toddler arouses feelings of a younger age for me too....haha!! Well, tough luck for me!!
Time is not tangible and not something that I can stop. I'm just being silly. Loi, Taliafi (dallin), and Baby Milan are the most amazing blessings in my life!! I don't care what age they are! They bring me so much joy! Time really is actually a blessing! In time we have created the memories from our past, we also have the here and now, plus the excitement of what the future holds. It's how we spend our time that counts :-). It's all about the journey, right? While on this journey called life I hope chase after my dreams with vigor and courage. I wish to love and laugh like there is no tomorrow. (One can only hope!) I'll embrace the opportunities placed before me and also embrace the friendships that I make along the way. Most importantly for me is to cherish those I hold dear to me!! When all is said and done what we have is our memories created over time. It's up to us to make it worthwhile. Awwww........ :-)
On the flipside, time isn't friendly on the body....I can do without the wrinkles, gray hair, and non existent metabolism...haha!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Cherish every moment!!

A good friend called me to take her family photos. I asked, "When would you like to have them done?", she replied, "Tomorrow!".
Her brother has been fighting colon cancer for almost year. They had believed that his cancer was gone but discovered it had spread to his liver. Since he will be traveling to Arizona to see specialists they needed the photos done immediately. His prognosis is bleak. I see the strength my dear friend displays but I know her brothers state is hurting her deeply.
How would I react if put in this situation?
I would probably react like my friend. As a strong Samoan woman I would hold it in. I would want to nurture my brother and the rest of the family. I would want to be the rock that they could lean on. I would want to ease their pain and comfort them. I would do all this to mask my pain and to ignore my emotions that could boil over in an instant. There is always a breaking point and when it comes our emotions will overflow. My dear friend will no doubt be the pillar of strength in her family. I pray that she is comforted by the great love that she shares with her brother.
We must not waste our time with hate, pettiness, and negative feelings towards our loved ones. Cherish everyday you have and each moment spent with your loved ones. Love deeply and cherish the love received!
I am grateful for the opportunity I was given to capture a moment in time for the Jaeger Family. God bless you!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010 is History!!! Bring on 2011!!

2010 was a year that I set things in motion to be completed in 2011!!! I'm generally happy with my accomplishments but I also have more to improve on.
2011 will be a great year!
I have resolutions that will require a change in attitude!! On the top of my list is to stay away from negativity and replace it with hope and optimism!! Toxic people are bad for our well being. Surrounding myself with loved ones and liked minded people is best for me. Along with a positive attitude is a need to be aggressive. Aggressive in pursuing goals and efficient while doing that. Staying organized will keep me on task toward greater rewards. My goals to finish school, expand my businesses, lose weight ( I know...), and build up a PHS are all possible and well within reach.
May we all be blessed with happiness and richness in our lives!!!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Kiwi's visit Utah :-)

This past week I was blessed to spend time with my Aunty Rachel and her beautiful daughters from New Zealand. It was so cute to watch my mother and Aunty giggle and whisper as if they were swapping secrets. I enjoyed seeing Verona, Sheree, and Gloria just talk as if they were still the young teenagers they were when they first met over 13 years ago. Hanging out with my lil cousin Monica was so sweet. Her rambunctious and cheerful demeanor is so refreshing. Makes me miss those good ol' worry free days of my youth. Than of course my supermodel cousin Charmina. It is because of her I finally attended a Jazz game and realized that I really dislike them....hahaha!!! It's such  a wonderful discovery to realize that although we are separated by distance we share a strong bond instilled by Mama dearest :-)!!! I loved every minute of their visit.

It was a busy week that flew by ever so quickly. We went shopping!!! We went to the Temple to see the lights. We went to the Jazz and Heat game. We ate too much....hahaha.....and talked about everything and anything. I loved it!! Thanks for visiting cousins and I'll see ya'll very soon :-)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Taylorsville 6th Ward Young Womens Photoshoot!!

 I am very grateful for the opportunity I was given to photograph these young women. I hope these photos have captured their individual beauty and personalities. I tried to relay their unique characters through their photographs. It was windy and very cold outside but these girls pulled it off with winning smiles!!! You girls are all beautiful and I hope you always remember that. 
These photos are a reminder of your inner and outer beauty!!

I am a novice photographer so bare with me. This is just a sneak peak of what I've worked on so far.
 Thanks to Shenna Frost for the editing help.
 Thank you to my cousin Julia for trusting me too! Hope you like it!!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Our Future.

Today I watched my nephews speak at their Primary Program. I was so proud of my babies for they are so intelligent and charming. These young boys will grow up to be teenagers, missionaries, college students, and than fathers. So, I thought about their future roles in life. I thought about what values we as a family could plant and nurture within our future generation.

Confidence- As they grow they will try various activities and find their niche. They will be confident and know that just like anyone else they can achieve their dreams.
Equality- May they never feel inadequate and let feelings of inferiority hold them back from success. They will tear down stereotypes one by one. They will know their roots, be proud Samoan - Americans who know that deserve to be equally treated for America is their home.
Charity-  Through service and examples of sharing I hope they will be charitable. Service for others above self will always keep them grounded and feed them spiritually.
Excellence-  As they journey through school and church they'll be held accountable and expected to always do their best. They will realize that quality is better than quantity. Putting out their best is second to none.

These are just a few dreams of a loving Aunt. The beauty of the Samoan culture is that we are family oriented. We take the village approach in which everyone in the village (aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc.) plays the role as a parent. The parents have a huge supporting cast and we all take pride in nurturing our children.

We will enjoy the journey and throughout this journey they will never doubt our love for them!!!